Transfer Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

No, only grades of "D" or better will be accepted for credit. Transfer grades are not calculated in the Vol State grade point average. Transfer GPAs do impact your eligibility for lottery scholarships.
Collegiate level coursework will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  1. Course similarity
  2. Course content

In some cases VSCC may request additional information before awarding equivalent course credit. You may provide course descriptions from the time of attendance from the previous school for departmental review. If the department determines the course work is equivalent the Records Office will be notified and your evaluation will be updated.

Transcripts will be evaluated prior to, or during the initial term of enrollment and students notified electronically of credits awarded as evaluations are completed. The wait time may take several weeks, depending on the volume.
No. In order to evaluate and award transfer credit, you must have an official transcript mailed from each individual institution.
Learning Support courses are not calculated in your GPA and cannot be used to meet graduation requirements. Transfer credit of these courses is only accepted from other TBR institutions. Transfer students who have credit from non-TBR institutions may receive elective credit unless deemed otherwise by the department.
Vol State divides the quarter hour by 1.5. For example, if you have earned 6 quarter hours, they will be converted to 4 semester hours.