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Student Success Stories

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Kimmi Dillard
"I attended SI because I wanted to do well in my anatomy and physiology class. It was very important to my career that I do very well in this class and make an A and to fully comprehend the material. SI helped me because it gave me the confidence and good study skills… I made an A in the course."
- Kimmi Dillard
Logan Embry
"I wanted to stay on top of things and make the best grade. What I've learned in SI is how to improve my study habits and how to read the book more carefully and actually how to put more time into studying. Not just studying for a long time but studying smart. I've enjoyed it very much."
-Logan Embry

The Language Center

Paul Farmer
"I felt like I found a gold mine of resources when I found the Language Center. When I started last year, I had never written a paper and had no idea about MLA formatting. Now, I finish the paper on my own and go in for final thoughts and suggestions. The tutors guided me every step of the way through English 1010 and 1020. They have not only helped me with papers for all of my classes, but even with my resume and scholarship applications."
-Paul Farmer