IV:07:04 Out-of-State Tuition

Description Of Fee

This is an additional fee charged to students classified as non-residents who are enrolled for credit courses, including audit courses. This fee is in addition to maintenance fees.


Out-of-state tuition fee rates are established by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and are incorporated in the annual fee schedule.

This fee includes a rate per student credit hour.

Applicability of out-of-state tuition is determined pursuant to Tennessee Board of Regents Policy on Regulations for Students In-State and Out-of-State for the Purpose of Paying College or University Fees and Tuition and for Admission Purposes (No. 3:05:01:00). The Business Office will collect fees based upon student classification as determined by the Admissions Office.

Accounting Treatment

A revenue account for out-of-state tuition is used for recording both credits for fees and debits for refunds.

Other accounting is the same for out-of-state tuition to that outlined under Maintenance Fees except that separate out-of-state accounts are used. In the case of fees not collected from students under grants and contracts, the same expense account under Scholarships and Fellowships may be used.


Exceptions to the rules regarding the applicability of out-of-state tuition and approval of exceptions in instances of unusual circumstances may be granted by the President.


Appeals concerning out-of-state tuition may be made to the President or a designee.

Refundable Status

Out-of-state tuition is refundable based on the Volunteer State Community College refund policy. (IV:07:09)

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