IV:03:01 Snow and Ice Removal

The Senior Director of Plant Operations, Safety, and Security, or his/her designee, is responsible for the administration of the Snow and Ice Removal Policy of Volunteer State Community College. This policy, and the associated procedure, will help to reduce the possibility of accidents due to snow or ice accumulation within the boundaries of the campus.

  1. The Campus Police Department is responsible for monitoring the weather conditions when inclement weather systems approach the College. The Chief of the Campus Police will make a full weather and campus condition report to the President of the College by 4:00 AM when weather conditions are in question.
  2. The President of the College, after full consideration of the report, makes the decision to cancel, delay, or open classes as usual.
  3. Based upon the decision of the President, the Chief of Campus Police will notify the Senior Director of Plant Operations, Safety, and Security. At that time the college's "call-tree" procedure will go into effect. The "call-tree" contains a breakdown of the various assigned responsibilities of management and staff members. The Senior Director of Plant Operations, Safety, and Security or his/her designee is responsible for contacting snow and ice removal personnel to report to their work site as soon as possible when the school will be opening during inclement weather.
  4. The Campus Police will be responsible for documenting in the dispatch log all information regarding the start time of the inclement weather and the time when the "call-tree" was implemented. Other items to be recorded are:
    1. Time walkways and roadways are cleared.
    2. Condition of walkways and roadways after the removal of snow and ice has been completed.
    3. What, if any, warning signs were placed; and where they were placed in those areas determined to be unsafe.
    4. Any new problem areas or safety concerns.
  5. A written report regarding the recorded information, and any special problems or circumstances should be electronically recorded and forwarded to the Vice President for Student Services and the Vice President for Business and Finance within five working days after the removal process has been completed.

VSCC Source: March 8, 1989, President; Reviewed April 12, 1999, President; September 22, 2008, President's Cabinet