III:15:08 Graduation Certification


Volunteer State Community College has established procedures to ensure the accuracy of records of each student who files an application for graduation. All requirements for graduation will be published in the College Catalog.

Graduation Certification

From the initial term of admission to a degree or certificate program, a student has five years to reach graduation under the requirements outlined in the College Catalog effective for the term of his/her admission. A student who elects to change his/her academic program or is required to be readmitted to the College will be subject to the requirements for graduation set forth in the College Catalog effective for the term of academic program change or readmission and will have five years from that point to graduate under those requirements.

Exceptions to the Catalog change requirement upon academic program change or readmission may be approved by the College Registrar on a case by case basis but is limited to those Catalogs effective within the five year period from the student's initial admission to the academic program.

If the student in conjunction with an advisor determines that course substitutions are necessary, the advisor will submit a course substitution form for approval. Substitutions must be approved by the dean of the academic division which designed the relevant curriculum guide, the academic division dean of where the substituted course is housed, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. In general, courses designated by the asterisk will not be substituted for university parallel courses.

In the event courses needed for graduation are not successfully completed in the graduation term, the student's application for graduation will applied to a future term in which the required course or courses are successfully completed.

Students who apply for graduation in either a degree or certificate program must be recommended for graduation by the College Registrar and approved by the faculty prior to final conferral of the degree or certificate.

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