III:00:02 Appeal for Late Drop or Withdrawal


After a certain date each semester, a drop or withdrawal is not permitted with a grade of "W". The College calendar in the COLLEGE CATALOG and the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES lists the last day to drop/withdraw with a grade of "W". Unusual and verifiable circumstances, such as documented evidence of serious personal illness or death in the immediate family or employer mandated transfer or military obligations are the only exceptions in granting permission to withdraw and receive a "W" after the date specified in the above publications. A student who stops attending class and does not follow the published withdrawal procedures will remain on the class roll and the grade will be reported as "F".


When a student experiences unusual and verifiable circumstances which compel the student to discontinue enrollment after the published last date to withdraw, the student must submit an appeal in writing with proper documentation to the Vice President for Student Services.

Appeals to drop a course(s) or withdraw from the College will not be accepted after final exams have begun in any given semester. These appeals will be directed to the Academic Status and Grade Appeals Committee for consideration.

After grades have been issued, the Admissions and Retentions Committee will make decisions on appeals for a grade of "W" which is considered a "retroactive drop or withdrawal".

VSCC Source: Former III:00:05, February 24, 1999, President; November 27, 2007, President