I:01:03 Use of Campus Property and Facilities

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a uniform basis upon which the College can regulate the use of campus property and facilities while complying with the college’s mission of supporting an educational atmosphere. The policy incorporates the guidelines established in the Tennessee Board of Regents "Policy on Use of Campus Property and Facilities.”

II. Definitions

III. General

A. In administering the facility usage policy, priority will be given to the scheduling of classes, and College affiliated groups, organizations, and individuals. Public use of facilities is welcomed. Policy must be administered so that the same privilege is extended to all similar organizations on a reasonably equal basis.

B. The College campus and facilities are restricted to affiliates except when part or all of the campus, its buildings or facilities are open to the general public for a designated time and purpose or when non-affiliates have made application for use of College facilities and the request has been approved. Reservations for facility use by affiliated groups may be made up to one year in advance. Reservations for facility use by non-affiliated groups may not be made prior to six months of the date needed for the facility. Use of classrooms by non-affiliates will not be allowed during fall or spring semesters prior to the third week of classes.

C. All persons on the campus shall be subject to all applicable local, state, and federal regulations and rules of the Tennessee Board of Regents. In addition, all persons who operate motor vehicles on the College campus agree by such operation to be subject to the College and TBR rules, regulations, policies and procedures on traffic and parking.

D. All persons on the campus shall provide adequate identification upon request to appropriate officials and security personnel of the College.

E. No assembly, meeting, demonstration or other activity shall be permitted on campus that is of such nature that it cannot reasonably be accommodated. This includes any activity that presents a substantial disruption of classroom or other academic, administrative, or extracurricular activities.

F. Use of campus property and facilities pursuant to prior approval as hereinafter required for meetings or other activities is subject to limitations on the number of persons who may attend in accordance with appropriate building and fire codes and safety standards.

G. Regulations of the College that relate to conduct of assemblies and meetings or organizations affiliated with the College shall also apply to non-affiliated organizations.

H. Sound amplification equipment may be used by applicants at assemblies, meetings and demonstrations only when prior approval has been granted by the appropriate official. However, such sound amplification is subject to reasonable regulation by the College with respect to time, place, manner, and volume.

I. Applicant use of facilities may not cause substantial disruption or interference with the normal activities of the College conducted in the course of its mission, processes, and functions.

J. The College will maintain music-licensing agreements with ASCAP, BMI, and SEASAC to cover the copyrighted music and work performed on campus.

IV. Particular Activities

A. Assemblies, Meetings, and Demonstrations

1. Regular or special meetings of organizations affiliated with the College may be planned and scheduled according to procedures established by the College or according to the scheduling procedures established by this policy. All other group gatherings at a central location on campus property which are sponsored or instigated by College affiliated groups, organizations or individuals may be permitted without prior registration only at such times and locations as may be designated by the President or a designee. All such group gatherings must be conducted without sound amplification equipment unless prior approval is given by the appropriate College official.

2. Any student-affiliated group will obtain approval for assemblies/meetings by submitting a request to the Vice President of Student Services or designee. Other affiliated groups or non-affiliated groups desiring to obtain use of campus property and facilities must submit an application for registration of the proposed activity at least ten (10) working days in advance to the Scheduling Coordinator. However, the President of the College or a designee may waive this requirement.

3. Within seven (7) working days from the time an application for registration is submitted to the appropriate official, notice of approval or disapproval of the proposed use of campus property shall be made available to the applicant at the official’s office. Notice of disapproval shall include the grounds for denying the requested use.

a. Grounds for denying any request for approval of any activity are:

i. Applicant has not fully provided accurate or complete information required.

ii. Applicant has been responsible for violations during a previous use of campus property and the College has reasonable cause to believe such violation will recur.

iii. Approval for use of the property or facilities has previously been given to another group or organization for the time(s) and location(s) requested.

iv. Use of the property or facilities at the time requested would be impossible due to set-up time required for other previously scheduled activities at the requested location or due to other extenuating circumstances.

4. Any group or organization whose application for registration for use of property or facilities of the College is denied shall have the right to appeal that denial to the President or a designee. Notice of appeal shall be made in writing during normal business hours of the College no later than five (5) working days prior to the time of the proposed event and the decision of the President or a designee shall be made at least four (4) days before the time of the event.

5. College equipment may be used in connection with the use of campus property and facilities only with the approval of, or under the supervision of approved College personnel.

B. Literature Distribution

1. Any proposed distribution or sale of literature by an affiliated or non-affiliated group, organization or individual is subject to specified registration requirements and procedures.

2. Any literature which is, or which is proposed to be, distributed or sold shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and with the regulations and policies of the College and the Board of Regents. No obscene literature or material shall be distributed on any property owned or used by the College.

3. No literature, material or other printed matter shall be sold or distributed within: (1) classroom, library or other academic building or facilities; or, (2) administrative and employee offices and work areas. However, the College may permit such sale or distribution in designated locations within the lobbies or other general use areas of the above-noted buildings or other campus facilities designated for placement of literature for distribution or sale. Further, this shall not restrict a faculty member from distributing within the classroom non-commercial material related to the particular course or subject matter.

4. The Vice President of Student Services shall designate the locations on campus which are available for the sale or distribution of literature. In addition to those areas designated in item (3) above, the institution or school shall prohibit the sale or distribution of literature in all areas where such would: 1) cause injury or damage to campus resources; 2) unreasonably impair the academic atmosphere of the campus; 3) unreasonably interfere with the academic program and other activities of the College, or with the administrative functions of the College; or, 4) substantially impair the use of facilities or services on the campus, or the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

5. No person, whether distributor or recipient of literature, shall cause any litter to occur on the campus of an institution or school, and literature shall only be discarded in trash receptacles on campus.

6. Persons engaged in the sale or distribution of printed matter shall not obstruct or impede pedestrians or vehicles, harass other persons with physical contact or persistent demands, misrepresent the purposes or affiliations of those engaged in the sale or distribution, or misrepresent whether the printed matter is available without cost or donation.

7. The College shall have the right to terminate the distribution or sale of literature by any group, organization or individual which violates the provisions of this policy.

8. Organizations, groups, or individuals not affiliated with the College may sell or distribute literature only in conjunction with a request from an affiliated group sponsoring their presence on campus, and only after the proposed distribution has been approved by the Vice President of Student Services.

9. The Office of Public Relations will keep record of all literature distributed at the College.

10. Decisions by the Vice President of Student Services regarding literature distribution may be appealed to the President.

C. Solicitations

1. Solicitation for purely commercial purposes is prohibited on all property owned or used by the College.

2. Volunteer State Community College Policy I:03:01 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts governs non-commercial solicitations.

D. Advertising

1. No advertising signs, posters, or other material may be placed on campus property by any non-affiliate. The College may permit non-profit advertising of programs, events, and activities at designated locations on campus. Affiliates may place advertising materials in places designated by the College. All materials placed on bulletin boards must bear a stamp of approval from the Office of the Vice President of Student Services.

2. The College may authorize the inclusion of advertisements in appropriate campus publications for a reasonable fee.

V. Particular Uses

A. Political Use

  1. The use of campus property or facilities for speaking engagements by candidates for political office or for other political activities whether at the request of an affiliated or non-affiliated group, organization or individual shall be subject to the registration requirements and procedures specified above and shall be subject to the regulations of the College concerning other types of meetings or activities on campus property or facilities.
  2. When campus property or facilities are used for political purposes, reasonably equal opportunity shall be provided for presentation of all sides or views or reasonably equal access to the property or facilities shall be provided all sides.
  3. No campaign posters, signs or other items of campaign or political advertising may be placed on campus property or facilities, except as specified in subparagraphs (4) below.
  4. Affiliated and non-affiliated groups, organizations or individuals, with the exception of state employees, may place campaign posters, signs or other items of campaign or political advertising, whether pertaining to a campus or general election, on bulletin boards or other locations on campus specifically designated for such use by the College. Any distribution of such material may be made only subsequent to the registration and approval process.

B. Religious Use

Campus property and facilities may be utilized by affiliated groups or organizations for the purpose of religious worship or evangelical activities subject to the specified registration requirements and procedures.

a. Non-affiliated groups, organizations and individuals may utilize campus property and facilities on a temporary basis for the purpose of religious worship or evangelical activities subject to the specified registration requirements and procedures.

C. Profit or Fundraising Use by Organizations

  1. Campus property and facilities may not be used by any group, organization or individual for the purpose of profit-making activities except when a rental or lease agreement is negotiated and the College receives a fair rental value for the property or facilities used. This rule does not apply to College clubs, student organizations, or organized activities for the benefit of the College (Fund-raising activities must be in compliance with I:03:01, Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts.) Rental or lease agreements may be required for non-profit activities of non-affiliated groups, organizations or individuals provided that rental charges for such use may be reduced or waived in the discretion of the College depending upon the nature and extent of the proposed use.
  2. Rental rates may include the fair market value of providing the property or facilities which may include overhead, depreciation, maintenance and security expenses. Rental charges may be based in part upon a fixed percentage of the gross receipts of the activity with a minimum rental charge for use of the facilities.
  3. All rental or lease agreements between the College and non-affiliated groups, organizations, or individuals must be approved by the Chancellor of the Board of Regents, or his or her designee if such agreement deviates from Guideline G-030.
  4. In utilizing campus property or facilities, non-affiliated groups, organizations and individuals shall provide: 1) adequate bond or other security for damage to the property or facilities during the period of the use; 2) personal injury and property damage insurance coverage; 3) a performance bond or insurance guaranteeing or insuring performance of its obligations under the contract; and, 4) other types of insurance in such amounts as are designated by the College; provided, that the College may waive the requirements of security, performance bond or insurance coverage.
  5. All non-affiliated groups, organizations and individuals agree, by making application for registration of an activity and by subsequent use after approval by the College, to indemnify the College and hold it harmless from any and all liabilities arising out of such group’s, organization’s or individual’s use of the property and/or facilities of the College, including, but not limited to, personal injury, property damage, court costs and attorneys fees.
  6. Affiliated groups, organizations and individuals may be assessed the cost of providing maintenance and/or security required as a result of their use of campus property or facilities.

D. Exterior Demonstrations / Free Speech Area

  1. Campus property that has been designated as a Free Speech Area may be utilized by individuals and groups who desire the right to exercise free speech or demonstration through the use of the area. VSCC has a designated Free Speech Area located in the middle of the campus quadrangle.
  2. For demonstrations, debates, or speeches, speakers must use the designated area to avoid conflict with the normal functions and requirements of the College and to ensure that the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic will not be impeded. This area will be available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Depending on the nature of the request, the event must go through the appropriate channels. Below are the guidelines for requestors reserving the campus Free Speech Area. More information can be found in Appendix A.
    1. A request from a VSCC student must be facilitated through The Office of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives
    2. A request from a VSCC class must be facilitated through the appropriate Dean of the academic division
    3. All other requests must be fulfilled through the Campus Scheduling Coordinator
  3. The College reserves the right to limit the frequency of use as best to accommodate all users and to avoid monopolization by any person, agency or organizations.
  4. No musical instrument or sound amplification equipment of any kind, including stereo speakers, turntables, bullhorns, stationary or mobile public address systems, is allowed.
  5. The College reserves the right to assign security if deemed necessary. Associated fees may be billed to the requestor.

E. Sanction

  1. College faculty or staff members who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.
  2. Individual students and student organizations violating these regulations may be subject to action by The Office of Student Life and Diversity.
  3. Visitors to the campus who violate these regulations regarding time, place, and manner of speech and demonstration may be subject to immediate eviction or removal from campus, without further warning, by appropriate College officials and may be subject to appropriate legal action.

F. Notification of Events in the Free Speech Area

  1. Faculty and Staff may view the Free Speech Area schedule through Virtual EMS access at http://schedule.volstate.edu/VirtualEMS/Default.aspx.
  2. Students, faculty and staff will be able to see a listing of persons or organizations utilizing the Free Speech Area through viewing of This Month in Student Activities, a newsletter published through the Office of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives.
  3. All others interested in viewing the schedule may contact the VSCC Scheduling Coordinator.

G. Interpretation

Any questions arising concerning this policy will be reviewed by official campus personnel along with the approval of The Office of the President.

VI. General Restrictions

College equipment and supplies shall not be taken off the campus except as required to support off-campus classes and official programs conducted by College budgeted departments. College facilities, equipment and supplies shall not be used in support of an off-campus non-College budgeted event. However, with the permission of the President, the College may loan certain equipment, such as tables and chairs, to government and charitable organizations that serve the local community. In those instances, the government or charitable organization must sign a written agreement in advance that if the property is lost, stolen or damaged in any manner, the organization will make full and immediate restitution to the College.

Use and placement of decorations, posters, or signs should be coordinated with the Vice President of Business and Finance and Vice President of Student Services.

There are special restrictions on the use of the lighting and sound equipment in the Noble Caudill Auditorium. The Scheduling Coordinator works with parties individually to review the exact specifications.

The College Restrictions of Campus Smoking Locations shall be observed at all times.

No gambling is permitted on the College campus.

Use of cleats will not be permitted inside College buildings.

Gasoline engine vehicles will not be used or stored in College buildings without the specific permission of the College ’s Vice President of Business and Finance.

VII. Scheduling

The use of College property and facilities will be scheduled to achieve maximum utilization of all areas and facilities. The Guidelines for Reserving Campus Facilities and Grounds can be found in Appendix A.

Groups which have reserved college facilities will be held responsible for the behavior or actions of any individuals attending their event. Such groups shall also be responsible for the condition of the facility and any equipment used during such events.

VIII. Fees

Fees assessed at time of booking may include but are not limited to facilities, deposit, equipment, set up/take down, custodial, and operational overhead. Facility Rental Rates for the College are listed in Appendix B.

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