II:01:12 Use of Off Campus Properties and Facilities


The purpose of this policy is to provide information regarding the rights and responsibilities of Volunteer State Community College faculty, students, and guests in the use of off-campus properties and facilities.

General Regulations

Definitions: The definition of student, invitee, guest, affiliated group or organization, etc. provided in TBR Policy No. 3:02:02:00 are applicable to off-campus properties and facilities.

Access to Campuses: All persons utilizing the campus of any institution or school, including VSCC faculty, staff, students, guests, or invitees, shall be subject to all rules and regulations of those institutions and schools which are applicable to the conduct of students on campuses and to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. In addition, all persons who operate a motor vehicle on the campus of any institution or school agree by such operation to be subject to regulations, policies, and procedures on traffic and parking.

All persons on the campus of any institution or school shall provide adequate identification upon request to appropriate officials and security personnel of the institution or school. Personnel and students of VSCC who refuse to provide such identification may be subject to disciplinary action. Other persons who refuse to provide such identification shall be requested to leave the facility and, if they refuse, may be subject to lawful removal and prosecution.

General Conditions for Use of Property: Personnel and students of VSCC are required to comply with the rules and regulations regarding the use of facilities specific to each off-campus location. The Office of Off-Campus Sites shall provide specific information to faculty and students assigned to or enrolled in classes at off-campus sites.

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