VI:02:14 Contract Training With Business and Industry: Fixed Rate Fee for Credit Instruction


The purpose of this policy is to offer an opportunity to area business and industry to provide credit courses for their employees as a component of their human resource and development programs when the number of enrollments falls below the minimum required by the College. The Division of Continuing Education & Economic Development will serve as the coordinating unit for business and industry contracting for fixed-rate credit instruction.

General Procedures

The fixed rate fee and other applicable fees shall be determined at the time of contract development. Various factors for discussion with the business/industry are involved in the fee determination, including but not limited to:

  1. The number of students anticipated below the minimum required by the College
  2. Amount of preparation time, specifically for customized instruction
  3. Consultative services
  4. Materials required
  5. Equipment required
  6. Faculty salaries
  7. Travel expenses
  8. Etc.

The total maintenance fee indicated on the contract is a fixed rate fee, not a per student fee. It is calculated based on the number of students required to "meet" the class for cost recovery purposes. The contract may exclude or include other applicable fees normally charged to individual credit students.

The business or industry shall have the option of determining whether it will provide for the cost of the application fee (a non-refundable fee required of all new students) and the cost of textbooks or materials or if the student will bear the responsibility for those fees. This information will be included in the contract.

General Conditions

All students who enroll under a fixed-rate contract course must meet the applicable admissions and course placement requirements.

Generally, the business or industry shall provide the following:

  • A signed agreement in advance of the scheduled class
  • A meeting facility suitable to accommodate the teaching and learning environment
  • A secured location for the storage of College equipment associated with the instruction
  • Other provisions as indicated in the contract.

Generally, the College shall provide the following:

  • Placement or other testing, as appropriate
  • Consulting services deemed appropriate by the business/industry and the College
  • A qualified instructor
  • Advisement, registration, and related services
  • Delivery and sale of textbooks (as indicated in the contract)
  • A student record of grade and credit hours earned
  • Information about deadlines and procedures for dropping the course or withdrawing from the College
  • Other provisions as indicated in the contract.

On occasion, the use of a campus facility may be required to accommodate instructional or equipment needs. Any fees associated with the use of a campus facility will be included in the contract.


No refunds for student drops or withdrawals are awarded under a fixed rate contract.

Student Drop/Withdrawal

Students may drop the course offered through a fixed rate contract or withdraw from the College according to published procedures. When the course begins in conjunction with the regular semester schedule of classes, the published deadlines for drops/withdrawals may apply. When the course begins outside of the beginning date for the semester, the deadline for submission of drops or withdrawals will be recalculated and announced to the business/industry.


The contract will serve as the written authorization for billing. The Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development will serve as the liaison between the business/industry, in consultation with the department providing the instruction, and the Business Office.

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