VI:02:13 Contract Training With Business and Industry: Non-Credit Instruction

The purpose of this policy is to allow Continuing Education and Economic Development to provide contract non-credit instruction (training) for area business and industry in support of their human resource employee development programs.

General Procedures

The Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development will enter into training contracts/agreements with area business and industry to provide non-credit instruction in-plant, on campus, or at a neutral location. Training fees will be negotiated by the Division directors, ensuring compliance with TBR Guideline B-060, and approved by the Assistant Vice President for Continuing Education and Economic Development.

In cases where the revenue does not exceed $25,000, the Memorandum of Understanding approved by the Council of Buyers/Contract Officers at the January 17, 2007 meeting will be processed (Attachment A). The authorized contract signature for the "Institution" is the Vice President for Resource Development.

In cases where the revenue exceeds $25,000, the Non-Credit Instruction Agreement Between (Name of TBR Institution) and (Name of Contractor) provided in Guideline G-030 will be processed (Attachment B). The authorized contract signature for the "Institution" is the Vice President for Resource Development.


The fee indicated on the contract may be a fixed rate fee or a per student fee. Materials or textbook fees may be part of the fixed rate or listed separately. Various factors are involved in the fee determination, Guideline B-060 notwithstanding. Elements in the fee determination include:

  1. The number of students anticipated
  2. Amount of preparation time
  3. Consultative services
  4. Materials required
  5. Equipment required
  6. Faculty/consultant salaries
  7. Travel expenses
  8. Etc.

General Provisions

Generally, the business or industry shall provide the following:

  • A signed agreement in advance of the scheduled class
  • A meeting facility suitable to accommodate the teaching and learning environment
  • A secured location for the storage of College equipment associated with the instruction
  • Other provisions as indicated in the contract.

Generally, the College shall provide the following:

  • Consulting services deemed appropriate by the business/industry and the College
  • A qualified instructor
  • Registration and related services. If CEUs are awarded, successful completers must have completed the Non-Credit Registration form prior to completion of the program to earn the CEUs.
  • Delivery and sale of textbooks (as indicated in the contract)
  • A student record of grade and credit hours earned
  • Other provisions as indicated in the contract.

When the use of a campus facility is required to accommodate special instructional or equipment needs, any additional fees associated with the special accommodations will be included in the contract.


No refunds for student drops or withdrawals are awarded under these contracts.


The Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development will serve as the liaison between the business/industry and the Business Office. The Division will submit a request to invoice the business or industry as indicated in the MOU or contract.

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