V:02:11 Bereavement Leave

It is the policy of Volunteer State Community College to provide all regular, full-time and regular part-time employees time off without loss of pay due to the death of an immediate family member as defined below, consistent with Chapter 1010 of the Public Acts of 1988 and Chapter 51 of the Public Acts of 1989.

An employee who is absent during his or her regularly scheduled work week due to death of an immediate family member shall receive payment for reasonable and customary days absent, such days of payment not to exceed three (3) regularly scheduled work days. Immediate family shall be deemed to include 1) spouse; 2) child, step-child; 3) parent, step-parent, foster parent, parent-in-law; 4) sibling (s); and 5) grandparents and grandchildren. In addition to the three (3) regularly scheduled work days, sick leave not to exceed two (2) days may be granted at the discretion of the appropriate approved authority in the instance of death of one of the immediate family members listed above.

Regular part-time employees, including regular part-time academic personnel scheduled to carry less than a full teaching load or its equivalent, regardless of probationary status, shall be eligible to receive bereavement leave on a prorated basis equal to the percentage of their employment to full-time employment.

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VSCC Source: March 23, 1999, President; January 6, 2009, President's Cabinet