V:01:29 Faculty Emeritus


This policy governs the awarding of Emeritus status to faculty upon their retirement from the college.


Tenured faculty who have served Volunteer State Community College for a minimum of ten years, who have made outstanding contributions to the College concomitant to the awarding of tenure, and who have retired in good standing shall be awarded emeritus faculty status upon retirement.

Emeritus faculty shall be entitled to the following privileges normally available to current faculty:

  • access to library,
  • faculty parking permit at no charge,
  • access to all commonly available college facilities, and
  • free entry to all campus events

These privileges shall carry the same responsibilities required of regular faculty.

Faculty who are terminated for cause shall be ineligible for emeritus status.

TBR Source: TBR Meeting, March 4, 1977

VSCC Source: December 15, 2008, President's Cabinet; September 21, 2009, President's Cabinet, President's Cabinet; October 18, 2010, President's Cabinet