About The Profession

Ophthalmic Technicians are important members of the ever-growing allied health force. Health care is one of the largest industries in this country. Ophthalmic Technicians are part of an eye-care team that supplies important information to the physician and plays a vital role in patient eye care. They do so by performing tests assigned or approved by the physician, with the physician having the ultimate responsibility for patient care.

Some of the duties performed by the Ophthalmic Technician generally include taking patient medical histories, visual acuity measurements, administering diagnostic tests, providing patient services, assisting the physician in minor ophthalmic surgery, and caring for and maintaining ophthalmic instruments.

Employment opportunities are excellent in this field. Job opportunities are available in private office settings as well as in university and hospital ophthalmology departments. With the population continuing to age, and with the technology advancements being made, the demand for eye care will continue to increase and the need for well trained Ophthalmic Technicians will grow.