MLA Format Guidelines

Given below are general guidelines for using MLA format in your academic papers. For further explanation or information, please see your instructor, consult a MLA reference manual or your grammar handbook, or come by the Language Center (Ramer-309).

  1. Double-space everything.
  2. Do not include a title page.
  3. Use Times New Roman size 12 font.
  4. Place your heading (your name, instructor's name, course title and number, and date) one inch from the top margin, flush left.
  5. Center the title; do not capitalize articles, prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, or the "to" of infinitives, unless they are the first word in the title.
  6. Insert headers half an inch from the top of the page, flush right. The header should include your last name and the page number. Do not precede the page number with anything other than your last name.
  7. Use one-inch margins on all edges of the page.
  8. Use parenthetical citations whenever necessary to identify the source of all quoted or paraphrased material. (Consult a reference book or visit the Language Center for the rules governing parenthetical citations.)
  9. Indent a quotation that runs more than four typed lines two tabs from the left margin; do not use quotation marks; end the quotation with appropriate punctuation, and place the parenthetical documentation; do not follow the parenthetical documentation with a period.
  10. Attach a Works Cited page whenever outside sources have been included in your essay. The Works Cited page is not considered a separate document but rather the last page of your essay.