International Education

International Education in Action

International education brings an active discussion to campus about world events and international issues. Vol State students have been involved in many projects and have shared their travel experiencea with the campus and community. These are a few examples:




Amber In Brazil
"Living in Brazil, while studying the people and culture, has shed a new light on my way of being. I am not the same person as I was before I left. My eyes are more open and see things differently now. I appreciate things more and want to lead a simple life. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to study abroad." - Amber Bond TnCIS Brazil Summer 2009 Program

France & Spain

Trip to France and Spain
"My trip to France and Spain helped me to be more independent. I've gained knowledge about other cultures and learned how to navigate different locations." - Kristina Shannon

Service Learning in Guatemala

Guatemala trip

The International Education program also provides help for students participating in what is called Service Learning. They take skills learned in the classroom and use them to help people in the community, and sometimes that community can be thousands of miles away. Vol State Ophthalmic students have put their skills to work in Guatemala for many years, in conjunction with the Hendersonville Rotary Club. The students perform eye tests and fit needy Guatemalans with glasses.