Campus Police

Alcohol, Drugs, and Weapons Possession


Alcohol and Drugs - Drug Free Campus

Volunteer State Community College makes a "good faith" effort to maintain a drug-free campus by networking with the Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition (SCADC) in conjunction with the Community Anti-Drug Coalition Across Tennessee (CADCAT) and the Governors Highway Safety Office (GHSO) Booze It or Lose It programs. Through educational materials and presentations, students and employees are informed concerning:

  1. the standards of conduct concerning drugs and alcohol;
  2. legal sanctions;
  3. health risks;
  4. available counseling and treatment programs; and
  5. the disciplinary sanctions that the College will impose on students and employees who are found to be abusing alcohol and/or drugs.
The Campus Police Department is the primary contact for questions concerning drug and alcohol abuse and prevention. Please assist in maintaining the drug-free environment by reading the Drug-Free Campus Statement and by being aware of those around you and any changes in behaviors, routines or habits. Campus Police can be contacted at (615) 230-3595 and are located in the Wood Campus Center, Room 105.

Possession and Use of Weapons

On July 1, 2013, Public Chapter 16 of the 2013 Tennessee Public Acts ("PC 16"), which has been referred to as the “Gun in Trunks” law, took effect.  PC 16 DOES NOT affect Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) or VSCC policies prohibiting the possession of weapons, including firearms, by employees and students.  TBR Personnel Guidelines P-085, which prohibits the possession of weapons, including firearms by employees and TBR Policy 3:02:001 II. B. 8, which prohibits the possession of weapons by students, are still in effect.  While it may no longer be a crime for a student or employee possessing a valid handgun carry permit to have a firearm in his or her privately owned vehicle, under the conditions required by PC 16, IT IS STILL A VIOLATION of TBR and VSCC Policy. 

T.C.A. § 39-17-1309 Carrying Weapons on School Property - STATE LAW PRESCRIBES A MAXIMUM PENALTY OF SIX (6) YEARS IMPRISONMENT AND A FINE NOT TO EXCEED $3,000 FOR CARRYING WEAPONS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. A statutory exception to this criminal statue is that P.O.S.T. certified, active duty law enforcement officers, whether on or off duty, may possess and carry their firearm on institution property.

Possession solely for instructional or school-sanctioned ceremonial purposes is permitted with prior approval from the Chief of Police at Volunteer State Community College or his designee.