Springfield Spring Classes

Volunteer State Community College is offering more than 75 classes this spring at the Highland Crest college campus in Springfield. Registration is open now. Spring can be a good time for new students to start a college career. Staying on track in that career is essential and Vol State is part of a program that can help. Tennessee Transfer Pathways show a student, by major, exactly what classes they should take in order to transfer to a particular university. The agreements include majors at many state and private universities. Staying on track can help students take only the classes they need and that can help students save money. Vol State has a list of majors and universities that are part of the pathways on the website www.volstate.edu/pathways.

Many of the classes offered at Highland Crest will apply to different majors and programs.  General education classes include Music Appreciation, Intro to Biology, English Composition, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and College Algebra, among many others offered this spring.

Spring classes start on January 16. New students will need to apply to Vol State first. The application process can be completed online at www.volstate.edu or in person at the Highland Crest campus. The campus is located at 150 Laureate Avenue, just south of NorthCrest Medical Center, off of Highway 431 and William Batson Parkway. For more information about the campus, visit www.volstate.edu/highlandcrest. Highland Crest staff can be reached by phone at 615-433-7030.