Vol State Radiologic Technology Goes Wireless

Submitted on November 01, 2011 at 12:37 PM

It may look like a flat, black pad, but it's actually a revolution in radiologic technology. And that revolution may help you get in and out of the hospital quicker, if you ever need an x-ray. The device is called a wireless flat panel detector. It's the latest piece of high-technology to be acquired by Volunteer State Community College for the Radiologic Technology program. It integrates with the Konica Image Pilot Computerized Radiography (CR) System bought by the college earlier this year.

Computerized Radiography allows radiologic technologists, and radiologists, to crop, measure and invert an image to get a better look at a specific part of the body. The new wireless system makes the process nearly instantaneous. It sends the image straight to the CR system and displays it immediately. There's no waiting around for a cartridge to be moved to an intake machine or in the old days, an actual film to be developed. The image is ready to go, the patient is out the door and the doctor can take a look on a computer.

"It will give me a leg up when I go into a hospital setting," Vol State student Jeremy Scott of Lebanon said.

"It's what many of the hospitals have now," said student Brittany Walls of Nashville. "It gives us the hands-on learning for something we'll be using in the workplace. We'll have experience with all three types of technology in radiologic, so we'll be ready for anything."

Students train in basic film, cartridge style CR imaging and now the full wireless CR imaging. The Radiologic program recently showed the new technology to clinical site coordinators and members of the advisory board. For information about Radiologic Technology at Vol State visit www.volstate.edu/RadTech


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