Vol State Number 25 in Nation on Student Ranking Site

Vol State logoCollege students enjoy sharing information about instructors and their campus. Internet ranking sites have made that easier. RateMyProfessors.com has announced that Volunteer State Community College placed number 25 in the nation, in terms of student satisfaction, for community and junior colleges. The measurement combines faculty ratings with campus ratings. More than 8,000 colleges and universities are listed on the site.

MTV runs the popular website that has more than 15 million ratings. It asks students to rate professors in terms of how helpful they are and how clear they are. Those categories are used to determine an overall quality score. The overall campus score is judged in several categories, including reputation, internet access, food, library, clubs, social life and overall happiness. Vol State scored four out of five for the campus and 3.82 out of five for the average faculty score.

“Social media can provide useful feedback for college instructors,” said Vol State President, Dr. Jerry Faulkner. “These sites are fun. But ultimately our measure of accomplishment as an institution comes in student success. When they do well in class, graduate and go on to successful careers, and four-year degrees, that is our benchmark.”

The complete rankings can be found at www.ratemyprofessors.com