Bulgaria to Nashville for Vol State Six Sigma

Submitted on December 14, 2009 at 8:52 AM

Radiana Saeva is visiting Nashville from Bulgaria. She spent 24 hours getting here and now she is spending most of her time inside a classroom. It's a Six Sigma Black Belt class from Volunteer State Community College. She works in Bulgaria for Sitel Corporation, a Nashville-based global contact center provider, and this trip has one goal: find new ways to do business.

"I work in forecasting and planning," said Saeva. "Six Sigma will help me learn how to define problems, define goals and apply statistical methods. It's all customer-centric."

Providing better customer service, while cutting waste, may seem like a simple concept. In reality it requires creativity, hard work and the proper training. Managers can get those tools with Six Sigma.

"Sometimes data may look one way, but when you start drilling down, you find the obvious is not always true," she said.

"If you're going to stay competitive, this training can help you eliminate waste and be more productive," said Richard Britnell, the Vol State instructor for the course.

"At Sitel, we are continually improving our business processes, which allows us to maintain the high level of customer service that we provide to our clients around the world," said Bert Quintana, global chief operations officer at Sitel. "We are pleased to have our employees participate in the Six Sigma Black Belt Program at Vol State as it is an integral part of our overall professional development program. Our organization has seen tangible benefits resulting from the Six Sigma disciplines that have been deployed, defining Sitel as the industry leader for quality measurement in the contact center outsourcing market."

Britnell goes through a series of exercises with the students, using real life problems and a methodological strategy. The goal is to come up with a fact based solution. Six Sigma courses are held at Vol State and on location. They come in levels, ranging from white belt to master black belt.

"I'm happy that Richard is our teacher," said Saeva. "He has lived for many years outside the U.S. He can understand where I am coming from."

The Bulgarian, stuck in a classroom on a sunny day, and surrounded by computer screens and charts, then does something a bit surprising: she smiles and laughs. "Actually, this is really fun."

For more information about Six Sigma and the full range of business and industry courses available at Vol State visit www.volstate.edu/workforce or call 615-230-3358.


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