John B. Wallace Health Sciences Division

Verified Credentials Instructions

One of the vendors that the College has worked with is Verified Credentials, Inc. They have established an acceptable screening procedure that will meet the requirements of each clinical site. Students should order the background screening at least two weeks prior to the deadline.


A complete report will be sent to the student (in 5-10 business days), and a summary report will be sent to VSCC. There are three possible results; red, yellow, and green. The "red" designation indicates there is a criminal record of some sort. Any student with a "red" report will likely not be accepted into the program. If this occurs, the student must contact the Clinical Coordinator to submit the complete report for consideration. The report will be examined according to the TN Board of Regents policy in order to determine the eligibility of the student.

A "yellow" designation usually indicates that some of the information provided by the student is inaccurate, such as dates of employment. This may require further investigation prior to acceptance into the program.

The designation of "green" means the information provided is accurate and there is no criminal record on file. The student with a "green" report will be formally accepted into the program.