Grievance Procedures

Students who are registered with Disability Services and who have academic complaints not necessarily related to disability should contact the ADA Coordinator. He/She will clarify the nature of the complaint and if the complaint is unrelated to disability, direct the student to the college's policies and procedures for filing academic complaints. The ADA Coordinator/Director of Disability Services will ensure access to such policies and procedures.

Students with disabilities who have complaints regarding physical accessibility of the College campus or regarding the accommodations they are receiving, should follow the guidelines and procedures below:

For Physical / Facility Accessibility

Contact the ADA Coordinator. The initial complaint must be followed up in writing.

Instructional Accommodations

If an ODS approved accommodation has been denied by a faculty member of other staff, the student should:

  1. Contact the ADA Coordinator. The ADA Coordinator will contact the parties involved to gather information, assess the nature of the complaint and begin to move toward resolution. A joint meeting may be set up scheduled to establish and encourage a voluntary and informal resolution of complaints / grievances. If the complaint cannot be resolved in a joint meeting with the student and instructor, the student should complete the Disability Complaint form, or provide other written notification and submit to the ADA Coordinator.
  2. The Disability Complaint form will be forwarded to the Assistant Vice President of Student Services for review. If not resolved, the line of succession is the Vice President of Student Services followed by the President. Personal meetings may be requested by the student at any time with theses individuals.
  3. If the student has a complaint regarding the actions of the Director of Disability Services, the Disability Complaint form, or other written notification, should be submitted to the Assistant Vice President of Student Services, followed by the Vice President and President if resolution is not obtained.
  4. If the complaint is still unresolved, a student has the right to formally file a complaint with the federal Office of Civil Rights, Department of Justice or Department of Education.