College Success Zone

Tools to Help You Succeed in College

Need to know where to go for help?  Vol State has you covered.  The most important step in college success is getting the help you need before you get overwhelmed.  The College Success Zone is Vol State’s central location, designed just for your success. 

We have a list of free academic help for students, connections to important people at the college and a place for you to get help.

The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is the location for many classes and labs. Math tutoring assistance is provided.  You can also ask Learning Commons staff questions about these College Success Zone tools and other student support services.

Location: Thigpen Library, first floor

Phone: 615.230.3676


All Vol State students have free access to the online tutoring service Tutor.com. It is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The link to Tutor.com is part of the eLearn page for each of your classes. The tutoring service covers Math, Business, English, Writing, Science, Health Sciences, Computers, and Foreign Language. You should access it via your course eLearn page for login.

If you have problems or need help with Tutor.com visit the Learning Commons location for your campus. You can also call 615-230-3676.

Math Assistance

Get extra help in most math courses in the Learning Commons.  This includes individual tutoring, homework assistance, and some testing.  See the Learning Commons front desk for course availability, tutor schedules, and hours of operation.

Location: Learning Commons, Thigpen Library first floor

Language Center

If you need extra assistance when it comes to writing or foreign languages, the Language Center is the place to go. Tutors are available to assist students with every aspect of writing, from homework assignments to class projects. The Center offers speech outline and preparation assistance. Computers are available with word processing programs.  If foreign language is the issue, the Center has Rosetta Stone software.

Location: SRB Humanities Building 205


Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides students study support with a peer who has completed and earned a B+ or higher in the course. SI Leaders attend class sessions with the students and hold two 50 minute study sessions outside of class. SI is currently offered in courses such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, history, Spanish and many others. Students who attend SI are more likely to complete the course successfully and earn up to a full letter grade improvement. Visit the SI web page to learn more about the courses served by SI, and the SI Leader contact information by course.


Thigpen Library

What can the Thigpen Library do for you?

Don’t know where to start when researching a topic?  The library staff offers personalized service. Librarians can provide instruction on methods to search for books, eBooks, journal articles from databases, streaming videos, and other resources.

Would you like access to technology?  The IT department maintains a computer lab on the library’s first floor that is open in conjunction with the library. Use one of the many computers available in the lab, including printing and scanning. The library also has laptops available for check-out and use anywhere within the library.

Do you need to access a specific textbook?  There are a variety of textbooks on reserve for two hour use within the library.  Just ask the staff at the circulation desk for assistance.

Would you like a peaceful place to study?  There is a silent study room on the second floor of the library and additional study space throughout the second floor.

Do you need a meeting place for a group activity?  There are study rooms on the second floor for group study and a practice-presentation room.


Subject-specific LibGuides at http://libguides.volstate.edu .

Contact: librarian@volstate.edu

For other information on the library, including contact and hours of operation, please visit the Thigpen Library.

IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk can help anyone with problems that may occur with online registration, student login, etc. You will need your student V-number to get help. If you don’t know your V-number, please contact Records at 230-3680. If you are having problems with your my Vol State password, visit My Vol State and look for the “change or activate your password” link. You can change your password. You will need your V-number to do so. For more information and hours visit www.volstate.edu/IT and click on the Help Desk button.

Location: Learning Commons

Phone: 615.230.3302

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office software. They are open to all students.

Location: Thigpen Library, first floor

Vol State Wireless

Vol State has a campus wireless Internet system. For help in configuring your laptop, tablet and phone for Vol State wireless, please visit or call the IT Help Desk. For more information visit www.volstate.edu/IT and click on the Student Wireless button.

Location: Learning Commons

Phone: 615.230.3302