New Vol State courses offer safety training for law officers and the public

Submitted on August 24, 2010 at 12:06 PM

Criminal Justice is a fast-changing field. Volunteer State Community College can help officers keep up with those changes through a new program called the Justice, Safety and Security Training Consortium (JSSTC). It provides online and on-site, in-service training for security professionals, correctional officers and first responders. Members of the public can also benefit from a variety of safety classes.

"Criminal justice work is ever changing," said Vol State criminal justice instructor Kevin Cook. "There is a constant need to learn new things."

Cook developed the consortium with the Vol State Division of Continuing Education. The non-credit and certification courses will cover everything from new technology to report writing.

"Every chief, every sheriff tells me that officers need help writing reports," Cook said. "An advanced report writing class will help officers take it to the next level."

Several certification courses are expected to be offered this fall. They are awaiting final P.O.S.T approval. P.O.S.T stands for Peace Officer Standards and Training. It's the commission that develops and enforces training for police officers. The courses will include Case Management, Media Relations, Miranda Rights Review and Law Enforcement Supervision. The online courses provide flexibility for officers, who are required to take a certain number of training hours each year.

The consortium also offers classes for small businesses and the public. Residential and Security Safety for Homeowners is a practical class to help people improve security in their home. R.A.D Basic Physical Defense for Women, Handgun Safety, Home Firearms Safety are a few of the other classes offered this fall.

Vol State offers a certificate and associate degree program in criminal justice. Cook says that be combining that expertise with these non-credit and certification courses, the College can provide a new level of training for the law enforcement and civilian community.

For more information about the Justice, Safety and Security Training Consortium classes please visit www.volstate.edu/ContinuingEd


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