Center Expands Online Classes and Wilson County Computer Access

Submitted on August 13, 2010 at 8:14 AM

The Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Volunteer State Community College, in cooperation with the U.S. Small Business Administration, has added additional classes to its online offerings and made it easier for small businesspeople across the state to access classes, counseling, and expertise. Classes have increased from six to 21 offerings. Entrepreneurs and others will be able to attend online classes by visiting a local chamber of commerce instead of traveling to TSBDC offices, which are commonly located in metropolitan areas.

"Small businesspeople are really pressed for time," says Patrick R. Geho, J.D., TSBDC state executive director. "Making classes and counseling available online allows clients to spend more time focusing on making the business a success and less time traveling to get the valuable information and advice TSBDC has to offer."

The Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce has entered into an agreement with the TSBDC to provide the scheduling for use of the computer and an orientation to prospective TSBDC clients. In return, TSBDC will be providing a computer, webcam, and the necessary software to connect clients with the statewide online counseling center in Cookeville. Not only will businesspeople be able to view the 21 online classes, they will also be able to speak with a live TSBDC business counselor. Eventually 60 computers will be placed in chambers of commerce across the state of Tennessee to facilitate the connection of TSBDC counselors and businesspeople.

Available online, TSBDC classes cover business basics, financing, managing a business, human resources, accounting and budgeting, and marketing and sales. Online classes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That allows small businesspeople to fit the training into their busy schedules. They do not have to attend a TSBDC class during regular office hours.

Additional information about the online courses and counseling is available at www.tsbdc.org. The Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce is located at 149 Public Square in Lebanon and their phone number is (615) 444-5503.


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