Classified Staff Appreciation Awards - Nominations

Month Year Winner Title



2014 Rhonda Custer Secretary II Humanities Division


2014 Delois Reagan Coordinator Learnng Commons
September 2014 Mike McDole Technician Information Technology
August 2014 Carolyn Thomas Secretary II Retention Support Services
July 2014 Sydny Simpson Admissions Specialist Admissions Office
June 2014 Regina Pierpaoli Secretary II Testing Center
May 2014 Teresa Corlew Office Supervisor Advising Center
April 2014 Kristen Woodmore Office Supervisor Continuing Education
March 2014 Lesa Cross Office Supervisor Public Relations

Any VSCC employee may nominate a permanent classified staff employee for the Classified Staff Appreciation Award. This award recognizes classified staff for their commitment to excellence and the VSCC community.

Of the pool of nominees, a random drawing will be held to award one classified staff employee each month. Each month's recipient will receive a certificate and a $20 gift card. Nominations are good for the month of submission and the winner will be drawn and notified during the first week of the following month. Recipients of the award will not be eligible to receive the award again for the next four (4) months.

Please note that members of the Staff Council, excluding the Chair/Co-Chair, will also be eligible for the award since the drawing will be random and made by the Chair/Co-Chair of Staff Council. Self-nominations will not be accepted.