IV:06:01 Personal Long Distance Calls

General Statement

This policy defines the procedures to be followed by employees making personal long distance calls. Volunteer State Community College controls the ability to make long distance phone calls to ensure resources are not misappropriated. Employees are assigned a personal identification code to have access to long distance phone calls for official College business.


A personal long distance call is any call that is made which results in expenditure to the College and is personal in nature.


All personal long distance calls, defined above, must be made using a telephone credit card, calling collect or charging to a home telephone number.

A supervisor, by written request, may receive the monthly telephone reports for their departments.

The office of the Vice President for Business and Finance and the Director of Telecommunications monitor the telephone reports and bills.

VSCC Source: September 19, 1991, April 13, 1999, President; January 6, 2009, President's Cabinet