III:14:01 Veterans' Affairs Certification


Volunteer State Community College establishes this policy to ensure compliance with federal and state laws regarding the certification of veterans and eligible dependents of veterans who wish to pursue and education under the VA Educational Assistance Program.


All veterans and eligible persons receiving educational assistance from the Veterans Administration must report to the Office of Veterans' Affairs, each semester, prior to the end of late registration for approval of their projected class schedule. Failure to comply may interrupt or terminate benefits until the scheduling has been approved. Further, all students receiving VA educational assistance must report any changes in their class schedule, major, address, and dependents, where applicable to the Office of Veterans' Affairs as these changes occur.


All students should provide copies/verification of changes to the Office of Veterans' Affairs as they occur. To add dependents, certified copies of original birth or marriage certificate are required plus completion of appropriate VA forms.

VSCC Source: Former III:11:01, December 8, 1988, President; November 27, 2007, President