III:02:04 Personal Counseling


Limited personal counseling is provided through the Advising Center to help students manage personal situations so that the achievement of educational, career, and life goals is not significantly hampered.


The Advising Center will provide counseling resources to assist students in developing management strategies for personal situations. Advisor/Counselors will work with students individually to develop successful strategies. If a student requires counseling for more serious issues, he/she will be referred to a counselor or agency in the community. Referrals will be made to other resources when appropriate, with the student responsible for any incurred cost.


  1. A student who requests personal counseling will meet with an Advisor/Counselor individually to allow the Advisor/Counselor to ascertain the situation and to assess the student's needs.
  2. The Advisor/Counselor will assist the student in developing strategies, including referral to other resources for assistance, if necessary.

VSCC Source: Former III:03:06, April 7, 1999, President; November 30, 2007, President