VII:01:24 Email Policy

I. Overview

Email is increasingly viewed as the foundation for communication for an organization. Many people keep every message they receive "just in case" and the line between professional use and personal use is blurring.

II. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a standard for email use, mailbox size, and an email purge policy for Volunteer State Community College.

III. Policies

A) Acceptable use

  1. The VSCC email system is intended for College business
    1. Work-related email is a College record, and must be treated as such.
    2. Each email user must take responsibility for sorting out personal messages from work related messages.
      1. Email that does not meet the definition of public record, e.g., personal email, or junk email, should be deleted from the system immediately.
  2. The VSCC email servers are not intended for long-term record retention
  3. The VSCC email service should not be used for:
    1. Private or personal for-profit activities.
    2. Personal use that creates a direct cost or adverse publicity to the College.
    3. Unauthorized, not for profit business activities, such as non-College related fundraising.
    4. Transmission of incendiary statements or events that might incite violence.
    5. Unlawful/prohibited activities as defined by federal, state, and local laws or regulations.

B) Individual Mailboxes

  1. Size
    1. In order to have a successful data back up and disaster recovery plan, individual email accounts must have a size limit.
    2. Staff and Faculty will have a 500MB limit.
    3. Administrators will be able to request an increase up to a 1GB limit.
    4. A warning message will be sent when the email reaches 90% capacity.
  2. Purges
    1. Email in the Delete Items folder will be purged after 30 days.
    2. Sent items will be moved to Deleted Items after 180 days.
    3. Junk E-mail will be purged after 30 days.
    4. Employee mailboxes will be deleted 90 days after the last day of employment for full-time employees.
  3. Maximum recipients
    1. Email messages will not be able to exceed 15,000 recipients.
    2. Maximum message size
    3. The maximum sent message size is 10MB (includes message and any attachments).
      1. Large attachments (over 1MB) should not be sent to "exchange users".
      2. Users that need to send an attachment larger than 10MB should contact IT for assistance.
    4. The maximum received message size is 10MB (includes message and any attachments).
  4. Outlook Web Access
    1. Email can be accessed on or off campus via Outlook Web Access (OWA).
      1. OWA will timeout after 60 minutes of inactivity on the "private" setting.
      2. OWA will timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity on the "public" setting (this is the default setting).
  5. Back-up
    1. All email is backed up to offsite storage.
      1. Offsite storage will hold 30 days of history.

VSCC Source: President's Cabinet, December 14, 2009