VI:02:05 Non-Credit CEU Instruction: Eligible Institutional Personnel and Rate of Compensation


The purpose of this policy is to identify Volunteer State Community College personnel who are eligible to teach in the non-credit program and to provide information regarding the rate of compensation.

General Procedures

Although the majority of instruction in the non-credit program* is provided by adjunct faculty, full-time contract faculty and administrators are eligible to teach in the non-credit program for extra compensation. Subject to the provisions of TBR policies 5:02:04:10 and 5:01:05:00 as well as guideline P-050, non-credit instruction may be taught as part of a full-time faculty member's teaching load or as part of a full-time administrator's regular responsibilities if approved by the immediate supervisor and appropriate vice president. In cases where the non-credit teaching assignment is in addition to their regular assignment and for which extra compensation will be provided, permission must be granted in advance by the immediate supervisor, the appropriate vice president, and the President. The Director of Human Resources must indicate that the individual has not exceeded the maximum amount of extra compensation allowable.

Full-time classified staff may teach in the non-credit program for extra compensation when the teaching assignment is in addition to their regular assignment. This requires the same approval signatures as indicated above.

Should the instructional time be within an employee's (administrator or classified staff) regular work schedule, annual leave must be taken in order to be eligible for extra compensation or the employee must make arrangements with his/her supervisor regarding the work schedule and load.

Eligible full-time contracted personnel shall receive compensation for instruction in the non-credit program at the same rate of pay established for adjunct non-credit CEU faculty.

* Program is defined as a single course or workshop/seminar as well as a series of courses leading toward a Certificate of Completion.

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