V:01:04 Classification of Employees, Their Spouses and Children for Purposes of Fees and Tuition

The following requirements are in accordance with the Tennessee Board of Regents Policy and shall be applicable to all regular full-time Volunteer State Community College employees, their spouses and children for classification of fees and tuition:

  1. All regular full-time employees, their spouses and children shall be classified as in-state students for the purpose of fees and tuition when enrolled in courses at any institution or school governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents. See TBR Policy 3:05:01:00 to determine the status of spouses and children of individuals who are employed at Fort Campbell.

TBR Source: TBR Meetings, June 24, 1977; September 30, 1983.

Note: This Policy became effective as of the beginning of the 1977-78 academic year.

VSCC Source: November 11, 1987, President; July 28, 2008, President's Cabinet