Learning Support

Learning Support classes are designed to help you get ready for college coursework and provide the foundation for a successful college experience. Learning Support classes are provided in Math, Reading and English. Students who do not meet the minimum admissions requirements for community college will take what is called a diagnostic test. Students who need Learning Support English or Reading will need to take the diagnostic test before they can register for courses. All Math students will enroll in MATH 0810 and will take the diagnostic test on the first day of class.

Learning Support classes are held in what is called the Learning Commons. This space will be spread out in several locations during the upcoming year, but it will be a large space with many computers beginning in Fall 2012. The main location is in Warf room 126. Students will be guided by faculty and tutors through the customized course delivered online. You will access the course in the Learning Commons and from home or a favorite hotspot; therefore it's possible to work ahead.

Students enrolled in Learning Support Math and Reading courses can work ahead by completing exams or activities demonstrating their abilities, though students in Learning Support English are required to work through a structured writing process. English students may complete the course early after completing their individual study plan and three essays (two requiring students to complete the revision process and one final essay). Additionally, a Math student who completes a course early may begin work on the next course. The Learning Commons has faculty and staff to help you succeed. How long it will take is up to you based on the time and effort you invest in moving through the course.

Learning Support classes prepare you for success in college-level courses but will not count toward graduation. Learning Support classes are taken in the first semester that you are enrolled in college. As Learning Support courses are completed, you will enroll in college-level courses which fulfill graduation requirements. In some cases, students may enroll in Learning Support and college-level courses in the same semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I get a letter saying that I need to take a diagnostic test?
Make sure that you have your V-number (your Vol State student identification number) and the letter in front of you. Call the Vol State Testing Center at 615-230-3484 to schedule an appointment for your diagnostic test.
What if I have not taken the ACT?
You'll need to take a test called the COMPASS test. It will help to determine your skill level in reading, writing and math. You will receive a letter stating this and you can schedule your testing at the Vol State Testing Center at 615-230-3484.
Do other colleges require Learning Support classes?
All Tennessee Board of Regents colleges and universities have this requirement, including all of the community colleges in the state. It was implemented to make sure that students are up to speed in reading, writing and math.
How do you determine that I need Learning Support classes?
The initial assessment is based on low ACT scores or a high school deficiency. If you have not taken the ACT test you will need to take a COMPASS test.
Why can't I take college level courses and see how I do?
The goal is to make sure you have the skill set to succeed in college. The COMPASS test or your ACT scores will determine classes for which you are ready.
Can I take other college classes first and Learning Support later?
No. Learning Support classes must be taken in your first semesters. It's the policy of the Tennessee Board of Regents.
Is there flexibility in when and where they are offered?
We have many times and days of the week when Learning Support classes are offered. They are available at the main campus in Gallatin, Vol State at Livingston and Highland Crest in Springfield. They are also available online.

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For more information about the Tennessee Board of Regents policy requiring Learning Support classes please visit: http://tbr.edu/policies/default.aspx?id=6746