The Language Center is located in Ramer Suite 157 on the Main Campus. No appointment is necessary to use the Language Center on the Main Campus.

Hours of Operation


Day Open Close
Monday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM 7:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM 7:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM 3:00 PM


Day Open Close
Monday 12:30 PM 4:00 PM
Tuesday 1:00 PM 4:00 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM
Thursday 1:00 PM 4:00 PM
(615) 230 - 3323


The Language Center at Volunteer State Community College recognizes that writing and communicating are skills that must be sharpened, particularly in the current global environment. To aid in achieving this end, the Language Center helps students in all disciplines become more effective and more confident scholars. All students benefit from sharing their works in progress with knowledgeable, attentive readers and listeners. Here at the Language Center, we work collaboratively with all who come to the LC looking for guidance, advice, or just an audience. Good writers, good communicators, are not born with special talents; writing and communicating require skills that must be learned and honed. The Language Center works in conjunction with faculty to provide students with support and assistance in a friendly, relaxed environment. Ultimately, the Language Center aims to help students to prepare themselves not only for success in their academic pursuits but also for success in both local and global communities.

The Language Center offers professional tutors, many of whom are full-time faculty members at Vol State who teach English and Communications courses. There will also be trained peer tutors available; all tutors provide one-on-one tutoring. We also have materials about academic writing that students can take to use when they are unable to come to the LC. There are, however, a few things tutors in the Language Center will not do:


The Language Center is available for all students seeking help with writing, including the following areas: