Distributed Education

Volunteer State's Distributed Education program offers non-traditional instructional delivery to assist students who are prevented from attending traditional classes by work, family or other commitments and responsibilities or who prefer learning via technology.

Most general education core and selected major courses may be completed through Videotape Telecourses, Online courses and CD-ROM courses. Students can complete most degree requirements by combining Distributed Education, weekend, and traditional courses while maintaining work schedules and family responsibilities.

Distributed Education's activities include "College @ Home":

  • Videotape Telecourses
  • CD-ROM courses
  • Online courses
  • Regents Online courses, and
  • Interactive Television Classes between the main campus and other sites

How to Register

Register for a Distributed Education course as you would for any other course. Current students are encouraged to contact their advisor before registering on PRIDE Online.

New students may obtain an application from the Office of Admissions. Once your application has been processed, you will be informed of your advisor assignment.

Continuing Education

The Division of Continuing Education promotes life-long learning throughout Volunteer State's twelve-county service region by offering, credit, non-credit CEU courses and workshops, and related services as diverse as the population it serves.

Regents Online

Tennessee Board of Regents' colleges and universities (19 institutions) joined to offer Regents Online. All the institutions are fully accredited. All thirteen TBR two-year colleges deliver and award the noted associate degrees, while all six TBR universities deliver and award the noted bachelor degrees.

Southern Regional Education Board Electronic Campus

The Southern Regional Education Board's Electronic Campus is an "electronic marketplace" for courses, programs and services. All courses and programs are offered by accredited colleges and universities in the Electronic Campus states and meet the Principles of Good Practice developed by the Electronic Campus.