Distributed Education

Course Development Checklist

Here are procedures for submitting a VSCC Distance Learning course. You may use this as a checklist in the process. Our intent is to make this a "one-stop" hassle free process for interested faculty. You make one contact and the process begins. Support staff will contact you to assist.

  1. Contact Director of Distance Learning to discuss your project
  2. Complete and submit a Distance Learning course proposal to your Academic Dean.
  3. Upon Divisional approval, proposal is forwarded to Distance Learning office.
  4. Distance Learning approves proposal and forwards to office of Academic Affairs.
  5. Vice President Academic Affairs approves/rejects
  6. When approved, contract issued (by DL office)
  7. Distance Learning identifies support team. (from DL, Academic Computing, Media Services, C@H desk
  8. DL office establishes task timeline and submits to developer with copies to support units. Distance Learning coordinates support unit contacts for faculty.
  9. Developer, Academic Dean, and Distance Learning choose a peer review team for review of course content/structure
  10. Upon development and review, course approved and scheduled. Course syllabus posted for access on VSCC Web site.

Units participating:

  1. Distance Learning
  2. Academic Computing Services
  3. Media Services
  4. Library/Learning Resource Center (C@H Desk)


To establish a procedure for development and support of Distance Learning Course Development, Delivery, and Support for Faculty and Students.


Course Development - Full-time and adjunct faculty may propose development of distance courses to be delivered via Distance Technology.

Tennessee Board of Regents: Policy 2:05:00:00

"Distance education occurs when there is a physical separation of the teacher and learner and when communication and instruction take place through, or are supported by, any technological means such as telephone, radio, television, computers, satellite delivery, interactive video, or any combination of present and future telecommunication technologies."

Steps in Process

  • Faculty member (potential developer) contacts Director of Distance Learning for preliminary discussion about potential for a distance course. If he/she decides to move forward, the faculty/developer complete and submit the Course Development Proposal.
  • Submit course development proposal to the appropriate Academic Dean
  • Upon Academic Dean's approval, course development proposal will be submitted to Director of Distance Learning for processing
  • Proposal must be approved by Director of Distance Learning and Vice-President of Academic Affairs
  • Upon approval by VP Academic Affairs, a contract will be issued from Distance Learning to the developer. Original to developer, copies to dean and personnel office.
  • After discussions with course developer, Director of Distance Learning coordinates a support team.
  • Support team to be established as needed. i.e.
    • Instructional Design (Distance Learning)
    • Academic Computer Services Project Manager
    • Video Producer (Media Services)
    • C@H Desk support (C@H L/LRC) {planning for test proctoring and associated procedures})
    • Additional Support (Willing faculty mentors identified by Distance Learning)
  • Director of Distance Learning establishes a task timeline for completion of the distance learning course elements. The timeline is sent to the faculty member and the appropriate support units. The Director coordinates all support unit contacts for the faculty.
  • Developer, Academic Dean and Director of Distance Learning choose a peer review team to review content/structure of materials.
  • Upon approval of Review Team, course is approved for schedule. (Course syllabus will be accessible on VSCC My VolState Online site and will be updated as needed for appropriate semester and other content modifications. )