The pager is an online messaging tool you can use to send text messages directly to other students who are currently logged into MyVolstateOnline.

Use the pager to:

  • Quickly get a quick answer from someone currently online.
  • Let others know that you're online too.
  • Notify someone of an email.

The pager tool is faster than waiting for a response through email.

Accessing the Pager

From your Course Home page, click the Pager icon ( ) or the Pager link on your top navigation bar.

The Pager management page displays:

A P besides a user name indicates that a page has been sent by that user. Click on it to view the message.

Send a page

  1. To send a new page from the main Pager dialog, click NEW PAGE.
    The send page pop up displays.
  2. Type your message in the Message field.
  3. Click Send.

Incoming pages

When someone has paged you, a notifying sound signals when you login to your Course Home page.

You will see also the word "page" ( ) displayed in the green part of the pager icon.

Click the icon to view your new message.

View a list of pages

You can view a log of pages you have received by clicking the H icon beside your user name:

Select a blue link to view the contents of the associated message.

Adding and removing contacts

To add a personal contact from the main Pager dialog:
  1. Click
    The Add Contact page displays:
  2. From here you can select to add the following types of contacts:
    • Known Contact: Type in the username of the person you wish to add and click on the ADD button. Choosing this option enables you to add any students within your organization. Students do not have to be in the same class.
    • Classmate(s): select the circle beside the Add Classmate option. From the drop-down lost, select your course. Your classmates should appear underneath with boxes beside each name. Selecting the classmates you would like to add by checking off the boxes beside their name and click ADD.
    • Friend: Click beside the name of the person you want to add in the main pager window and confirm the addition.

To remove a contact:

  1. Click from the main Pager window. The Remove Contact dialog displays.
  2. Check the name you want to remove from your contact list and click remove.
  3. The contact is then removed from the associated list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a beeping noise every time I log on to MyVolstateOnline?
A beeping sound indicates that you have received a page. Select the pager icon located in the top right of the page to view your page.
Can I view a log of past conversations?
You can view a log of recent conversations by selecting the H icon next to the user you have had a conversation with.