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KEY - A Lifelong Learning Lecture Series

Presented by the Vol State Division of Continuing Education

The KEY Lifelong Learning Program at Volunteer State Community College is a series of non-credit lectures on a variety of topics. They're designed so that everyone can enjoy learning, without having to worry about a degree.


Lecture #1: “Spiritual Storytelling”

For millennia, philosophers and theologians debated the “real world.” What is it? How did it come to be? Is it inherently meaningful? Is it really real? Whose view is right? In more recent times, it’s become generally accepted that what we mean by the world is inseparable from our language, the way we talk about it, and the stories we tell.

Presented by Cody Case
Interfaith Healthcare Chaplain

4 meetings

Dates: Monday & Wednesday:
December 8, 10, 15 & 17, 2014

Time 9:15-10:30 AM

Lecture #2: “A Proactive Approach to Health"

Topics in this lecture on proactive health, presented by Volunteer State faculty, include:

  • Common Problems Affecting the Aging Eye
    Presented by Dr. Alisha Cornish, Director of Ophthalmic Technician Program
  • What to Do Before the Ambulance Arrives
    Presented by Robert Davis, Director of EMT/ Paramedic Program
  • Sleep and Its Effect on Longevity
    Presented by Mel D. Matthews, Director of Sleep Diagnostic Technology Program
  • Exercise and the Healthy Brain
    Presented by Carolyn Moore, Director of Physical Therapy Assistant Program

    4 meetings

    Dates: Monday & Wednesday:
    December 8, 10, 15 & 17, 2014

    Time 10:45 AM-12:00 PM

Lecture #3: “Music Genre — A Count of Four”

Topics in this lecture on music genre, presented by Volunteer State faculty, include:

  1. How a Singer Enhances a Song
    Presented by Nancy A. Slaughter, Associate Professor of Music
  2. Rock
    Presented by Lynn A. Peterson, Assistant Professor of Music
  3. Jazz’n It Up
    Presented by Benjamin L. Graves, Instructor of Music
  4. Bluegrass Seminar
    Presented by Mark Barnett, Adjunct Instructor of Music

4 meetings

Dates: Monday & Wednesday:
January 5, 7, 12, and 14, 2015

Time: 9:15 AM to 10:30 AM

Lecture #4: “School and Life of the Civil War Soldier”

In this lecture, the equipment, life, and training of the Civil War Soldier will be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity for a hands-on demonstration of the equipment.

Presented by Dr. George Pimentel
Vice President of Academic Affairs at Volunteer State

4 meetings

Dates: Monday & Wednesday:
January 5, 7, 12, and 14, 2015

Time: 10:45 AM-12:00 PM

KEY Lifelong Learning Lecture Series

FEE: $49.00 per person

The $49.00 fee allows the participant the opportunity to attend one or all four of the lectures scheduled.


Volunteer State Community College
Wood Campus Center
Mary Cole Nichols Dining Room B

How to Enroll:
In Person: Come to the Volunteer State Continuing Education Office, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-4:30 PM, Building 300, Room 106.
By Phone: Call 615-230-3358. One of our staff will assist you with registration by asking you a few simple questions. Have your credit card ready for course payment.
Online: Go to https://registration.xenegrade.com/volstate At Search, enter KEY

If you have any questions, call Continuing Education at 615-230-3358 or 1-888-335-8722, ext. 3358