Guidelines For Standing Committees

Intellectual Property Advisory

Committee Name

Intellectual Property Advisory Committee

Committee Purpose

Develop and recommend policies and procedures governing patents and copyrights that are consistent with VSCC Intellectual Property/Patents and Copyright Policy V:01:06 and with Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Policy 5:01:06:00.

Committee Activities

  1. The Committee shall receive Disclosure Forms for evaluation of the ownership, patentability and/or commercial potential of the invention or work. Their review shall include interviews with the Inventor or Author and other persons as needed to make this evaluation.
  2. The Committee shall provide to the President its recommendations as to ownership of the intellectual property, whether patent protection should be sought, and whether to seek commercialization opportunities.
  3. The Committee shall conduct investigations as it deems necessary in the preparation of its recommendations to the President.
  4. The Committee shall also generally advise the President in all matters relating to this Policy.
  5. The Committee will arrange to have activities undertaken to seek patent protection, copyright registration, and / or commercialization of the intellectual property upon the President’s decision to do so.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to the President (or his designee)


Initial Meeting

Not scheduled; meets irregularly and as needed.