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Faculty/Staff Parking Decal Registration

All VSCC daytime and evening staff, faculty and registered students must display the current year’s parking decal when parking their vehicle on Campus.  The College has two types of decals available:  exterior and interior.  The exterior decal must be placed on the outside of the rear window at the bottom left corner on the driver’s side.  The interior decal is pressure-sensitive and must be placed on the inside of the rear window at the bottom left corner on the driver’s side.  Vehicles with tinted glass are permitted to display only an exterior decal.  Soft top jeeps and convertibles may display either decal on the lower corner of the driver’s side front window.  Motorcycle operators are encouraged to register but are not required to display a decal. 


Current Full-Time Faculty and Staff Applying between August 1 – September 21 Each Year

The $9.00 campus access fee will be automatically deducted annually from all full-time employees’ September 30th paycheck.  To request a decal, employees must complete the Online Parking Permit Registration form.  Current full-time employees will receive their decal(s) through campus mail In order to avoid a delay in receiving your decal(s), please complete all requested information.

Important Note

v Applicants may request up to two decals of their choice and are responsible for obtaining a temporary parking permit when using a car without a parking decal.  You may obtain a temporary permit from the Campus Police Office at each campus.         

Newly Hired Employees (hired between Sept. 21st and August 1st Each Year), Current Temporary Employees and Current Adjunct Faculty

All new employees hired between Sept. 21st and August 1st each year, current temporary employees and current adjunct faculty must request a decal by completing the Online Parking Permit Registration.  Upon completing the application, print the permit registration and take it to:

Main Campus



Satellite Campus


Guest Parking

Campus visitors are those who are not classified as staff, faculty or a registered student.  Campus visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit and properly display the permit from their rearview mirror. Temporary parking permits are available in the Campus Police Office at each campus. 

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