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Licensed Practical Nurse

21st Century Living Services, Inc -

Job DescriptionThe primary responsibility of the Med Staff Coordinator is to plan and execute the processes set out in the Med/Health Care Policy and Procedures and to share in executing day to day responsibilities of the day habilitation program. The LPN is first and foremost a caregiver of the clients at 21st Century Living Services and 21st Century Day Services and should consider that job description as their first priority.

1. Set up clinic for Medical Director monthly/weekly or on call visits to clients.

2. Execute the processes as set out in the Policy and Procedures manual to assure the health needs of the clients are met on an ongoing basis.

3. Assist Medical Director with clients and their records.

4. Assure client medical records are kept updated and that reports brought to the clinic either by Medical Director or following physician/medical appointments is placed in the clientís medical record.

5. Order/replace clinic supplies and equipment monthly.

6. Coordinate and or make client medical appointments.

7. Assure that anyone taking clients to an appointment write all information in the clientís appointment book.

8. Assure that all client appointments are placed on the calendar.

9. Place Medical Director visits on calendar.

10. Update client profile sheets whenever any changes occur (after hospitalization and within 24 hours) in any of the information on the profile sheet and distribute revised copies to each house and vehicle used for transport, day habilitation, Director of Programs, Med Staff for houses, clinic office, and Clinical Manager.

11. After hospitalization talk to discharge doctor about discharge orders.

a. Will patient need Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and etc.?
b. Did patient medication change?
c. Will patient need a walker or wheel chair?

12. Communication with staff re: medical issues per client through daily logs, written memos, telephone calls, etc.

13. Communication with medical specialistís offices and their staff.

14. Update first aid kits and order supplies to assure first aid kits in houses and transportation are equipped for minor medical emergencies.

15. Medicine Administration Report forms are copied for distribution to houses and for day habilitation.

16. Plan and execute in-services for clients on hygiene activities for day habilitation in coordination with activities coordinator.

17. Plan and execute in-services for staff on medical information needed for specific client medical needs/equipment or techniques.

18. Provides new employee orientation to medical/health care policies and procedures specifically to the clientsí needs.

19. Weekly weight and blood pressure checks of day habilitation clients. Clients profile sheets needs updates after Medical Director visit.

20. Monthly/quarterly /annually chart weights and blood pressures by client for overall evaluation of health as related to stabilization of weight and blood pressure.

21. Assist Clinical Manager in all communications, requests etc. in relation to the clients medical records.

22. Weekly, check Doctors orders against reports in clients records to assure that orders are being carried out and that client records reflect reports of those orders.

23. Weekly, check clientís appointment book against appointments on calendar to assure notes are being recorded about the clients visit or that questions about the visit are recorded before the clientís appointment to assure that the necessary information is being requested/conveyed at the time of the appointment and following the appointment.

24. And any other duties as assigned by the President and Vice President of Operations.

Job RequirementsThe Med Staff Coordinator position shall be an individual at least 18 years of age or older, be a LPN or equivalent have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and have a Class D Endorsement F Driverís license.

The Med Staff Coordinator serving residents with traumatic brain injury shall hold national certification by the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) or hold a current license as a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed rehabilitation professional or licensed mental health professional trained and experienced in the care and rehabilitation of residents with traumatic brain injury.

The Med Staff Coordinator shall be a person of competence and reliability and responsive to directions of their supervisors and the Medical Director.

The Med Staff Coordinator shall be self-directed and capable of supervising clients engaged in activities prescribed by the weekly schedule of activities plan.

The Med Staff Coordinator is first and foremost a caregiver of the clients at 21st Century Living Services and 21st Century Day Services and should consider that job description as their first priority.

Qualifications Education: Certification
Experience: No experience required

Work HoursCompensationJob typeStart Date
Full TimevariesFull timeSeptember 03, 2015

Company Description 21st Century Living Services is committed to providing programs for Aquired Brain Injury(any injury to the brain after birth) and Spinal Cord Injuries. Established in September of 1989, 21st Century takes over following the acute rehabilitation phase of recovery, offering continued rehab services, group homes, activities, supervision, adult day service, medical, and long-term care.

Contact Information John Birdwell

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