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Black-eyed Pea Restaurant -


>Must have knowledge of all food abbreviations, presentations, portions and special instructions.
>Responsible for the set-up and break-down of all line stations, following principles of cleanliness, sanitation and organization.
>Responsible for proper cooking, serving and portioning of all items on the menu according to Black-eyed Pea's standards, while monitoring temperature, quality and quantity of prepared foods.
>Responsible for using proper utensils and equipment in steps of cooking and serving, in a safe and clean manner.
>Be knowledgeable of the correct usage of the station set-up sheets.
>Required to clean as you work and be responsible for the cleanliness and sanitation of the work area used.
>Responsible to communicate with all other HOH stations, to ensure a smooth running shift and to provide guest satisfaction.
>Responsible to maintain a behavior of cooperation with all Team Members to ensure the best food and service for our guests.
>Keep management informed of the quantities and quality of all food served and stored on the line.
>Assist other HOH positions as needed.
>Ensure all products are properly prepared, held and served at the proper temperature with attractive plate presentation according to company standards and recipes.
>Ice down all fish.


>Prepare all charbroiled/grilled items to order.
>Respond to items called for the position by the line cook or QAC’s.
>Provide quality charbroiled/grilled products using proper recipes, the correct utensils, cooking and seasoning procedures.
Be knowledgeable of the correct usage of the station set-up sheet.
>Be knowledgeable of all food abbreviations.
>Keep the work area clean and organized.
>Keep the station stocked with all items needed during the shift.
>Keep the manager informed as to the quality and quantity of available product used at the charbroiler/grill station.
>Assist with dessert orders.
>Follow proper thawing procedures for charbroiled/grilled and microwave items.
>Assist with the preparation of all salads.
>Assist in the baking of bread and baked whitefish.
>Work closely with all other stations and help whenever possible.
>Know the proper temperature of equipment used within the station.
>Assist with the restocking of all plateware and food items as needed.
>Complete all required training associated with the Charbroiler/Grill position.
>Perform all opening and closing duties as outlined.
>Assist in any extended duties as directed by management.
>Ice down all fish.

Job RequirementsMixed in with the job description

Qualifications Education: Varies
Experience: 1 year

Work HoursCompensationJob typeStart Date
VariesDepends on experienceFull timeMay 03, 2015

Company Description We are a full service restaurant and catering company.

Contact Information Mary Gore

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