Advisory Committees

Information for Committee Members

An effective committee is one that knows in advance that something positive will occur as a result of its work. To have something occur, the committee as a whole and each member must be goal directed.

It is important that members…

  • attend and participate in all meetings (only your active participation will help to keep the program effective and responsive to the students and communities of interest it serves)
  • help to determine committee priorities and ways to achieve them
  • suggest and help develop agenda items
  • become completely familiar with the specific program they serve
  • respect the rights and opinions of other committee members
  • promote the program and the profession it serves


Each program has an Advisory Committee Handbook which outlines the program-specific curriculum, mission and other program details, as well as Committee activities and areas of emphasis for the current year. The program-specific Advisory Committee handbooks were developed based on faculty, staff, and Advisory Committee input. In addition to providing members with more detailed program information, a major purpose of the handbook is to align the advisory committee process with the College mission and vision.

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