Career Planning System

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The edamerica® College and Career Planning System also includes tools to help you design your resume. As long as you log into your account at least once a year, it will remain active.

If you would like to discuss your results or have questions, contact The Office of Counseling and Testing at Volunteer State Community College by calling (615) 230 - 3484 or toll-free at 888-335-VSCC, extension 3484.

Member Login
  • Direct your browser to http://tn.kuder.com
  • New users register by clicking New Users.
    (Existing members click the Existing Members field provided)
  • Create a unique member name and password. Be sure to write down your member name and password in the space provided for future reference if needed.
  • Complete the member and optional information.
  • When asked for the College's J or X Code enter: J3899575HPZ.
  • Click SIGN UP.
  • Welcome to your Edamerica® College and Career Planning System Portfolio Home Page.
Take An Assessment
  • At the bottom of the home page, enter the appropriate Batch Code for the assessment you plan to take under TAKE AN ASSESSMENT
  • Enter only one assessment batch code at a time. You do not have to pay to take the assessment.
Kuder® Career Search with Person Match
Kuder® Skills Assessment
Super's Work Values Inventory® - revised
  • Click GO!
  • You may now begin taking the assessment. Follow these same instructions for each assessment you take.
Printing/Reviewing My Results
  • Print a copy of your results from the Internet browser, or save your results to a disk.
  • You may also re-enter your portfolio to review your results on-screen. Re-enter your portfolio by going to http://tn.kuder.com and click on the Existing Members field. At your PORTFOLIO HOME PAGE click on REPORT next to the assessment results you wish to view.
Kuder® Electronic Career Portfolio
  • Start your portfolio by clicking on any of the tabs under the Quick Jump section on the left of your PORTFOLIO HOME PAGE.
  • Edit your portfolio information by clicking the Edit Button.
  • The home tab will take you back to your PORTFOLIO HOME PAGE.
  • The online format allows access your portfolio to enter and update information 24 hours a day.