IV:11:01 Externally Funded Grants and Contracts

This policy applies to all externally funded grants or contracts of the College. It provides for a stringent review and monitoring process to ensure the College maintains control over institutional activities and does not become dependent on such funds for normal operations.

The principal investigator (PI) or project director (PD), the PI's immediate supervisor, the applicable vice president, the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Research, Planning and Assessment, and the President have the responsibility of reviewing each grant application (other than for Title IV student financial aid and other scholarships) to ensure that:

  • The grant or contract is related to the mission and purpose of the College.
  • There is an appropriate balance between the grant and contract activity and instruction.
  • The institution can maintain control over the project and instruction.
  • Appropriate parties, including the faculty member, have agreed to the faculty member's division of obligation between the grant/contract activity and other academic activities. This agreement would include issues such as release time or additional compensation.
  • The principal investigator's freedom to investigate and report results is preserved and is not compromised by the terms of the grant or contract.
  • Control of the administration of the project rests with the College and that the College safeguards control over its own activities.
  • Funding and continuity of support for general instructional activities will not be endangered by acquisition of the grant or contract.
  • The grant will not cause the College to become dependent on such external funding to support its regular operating budget in the form of direct or indirect costs.
  • The grant or contract is made for a specified period of time.
  • Matching funds and required facilities are available.

The review and approval will be documented on the attached "External Grant or Contract Review Sheet".

Grant applications not meeting these criteria will not be approved or submitted by the College.

VSCC Source: August 31, 1999, President; October 20, 2008, President's Cabinet