IV:07:05 Incidental Fees and Charges

Uniform Rates and Policies:

The following fees are set by the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR).both as to the amount and condition of assessment. Charges are subject to approval by the TBR.

Application Fees: Non-refundable. This is a one-time fee paid by an individual who applies for admission to the College.

Graduation Fee: This fee shall include the cost of the diploma and rental of academic regalia. It is refundable only if the College has incurred no costs on the student's behalf.

Change of Course or Section Fee: A fee could result depending upon the timing of the change.

Returned Check Fee: -A non-refundable charge per check returned from a financial institution. This fee will apply to all returned checks received by the College, whether from students, faculty, staff, or other parties. Documented bank errors will suffice to provide an exception.

Other Fees and Charges Subject to Board Approval:

The following fees will be assessed by the College upon rate approval by TBR.

Campus Access Fee - This fee is charged each semester to all students and annually to all employees. The purpose of this fee is to provide parking improvements and repairs across campus. The fee is refundable only during the 100% refund period.

Parking Citations - A parking citation will apply to any employee or student who does not park in appropriate designated space or display a current parking decal.

Applied Music Fees - This fee is charged for private music lessons or small group training sessions. The fee is refundable on the same basis as maintenance fees.

Transcript Fee - There will be no charge for transcripts.

Technology Access Fee - The purpose of this fee is to provide student access to computing and similar technologies. The fee is refundable on the same basis as maintenance fees.

International Education Fee - The purpose of this fee is to promote the student's world knowledge and to assist in internationalizing courses across all disciplines in order to increase our student's ability to compete in the world environment.

Fees and Charges to be Established and Administered by the College:

The following fee types have been established by the College. No specific approval or notification to the TBR is required unless subject to other Board or State requirements.

Sales of goods and services of a commercial nature, including bookstores, food services, vending, and similar activities.

Admission fees to events open to the public, including special events sponsored by campus organizations and activities.

Sales and services of educational activities such as clinical activities, publications, etc.

Registration for conferences, institutes, and non-credit activities.

Fees for use of campus facilities for recreational purposes.

Non-refundable library fines, which will apply to students, faculty, staff, and other library users.

Special Exam Fee - Non-refundable. The fee will be determined based upon cost to the institution.

Standardized Test Fees - Non-refundable. The fee will be determined based upon the cost for administering the tests.

Identification Card Replacement- Non-refundable. This fee covers the cost of replacing a lost or stolen student ID card.

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