I:02:03 Electronic Marquee


To establish a policy for use of the college marquee.


For the purposes of this policy, the following groups, as defined by the Tennessee Board of Regents, shall adhere to this policy:

  1. "Student" - a person who is registered for a credit course or courses, or a non-credit course or program at the institution or school, including any such person during any period which follows the end of an academic period which the student has completed until the last day for registration for the next succeeding regular academic period.
  2. "Guest" - a person invited by a student, official or employee of the college to visit the campus at a specific time and place.
  3. "Affiliated Group or Organization" - an officially registered student group or organization, or a group or organization funded by and/or sponsored by the college, or a group or organization of faculty or other employees of the institution or school approved by the president. The term shall include any alumni association, booster club, etc., which is organized and operated for the benefit of the college.
  4. "Affiliated Individuals" - persons connected with the institution or school including the institution's students, faculty, staff and guests.
  5. "Non-affiliated Group, Organization or Individual" - any group, organization or individual which is not an "affiliated group, organization or individual."


General Policy

The college marquee will be used to announce college activities, events, and information of significant interest to the college and its affiliates. It is managed by the Office of Public Relations.

Message priority will be determined as follows:

  1. Announcements of interruption of campus services
  2. New programs, academic information, student notices
  3. Any college sponsored activity/event/program to which the general public is invited
  4. Student (credit, non-credit, and alumni) activities/events/programs
  5. Faculty/Staff activities/events

Criteria for Allowable Messages

  1. Non-affiliated individual, group or organization announcements/events that do not pertain specifically to the college and/or its affiliates are prohibited.
  2. Requests to use the marquee must be submitted to the Office of Public Relations via e-mail (pr@volstate.edu) at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event/activity/program.
  3. Messages are subject to review and editing by the Office of Public Relations
  4. Personal announcements (birthdays, retirements, etc.) are not permitted
  5. The college administration reserves the right to refuse any message.

VSCC Source: Former III:01:01, February 2, 1988, President; March 27, 2006, President's Cabinet; September 2, 2009, President's Cabinet