III:03:03 Intramural Athletics


A sense of community - the positive sense of closeness, camaraderie, and family - facilitates the personal growth of students and may serve to reverse the decline in altruism and social consciousness that pervades many college settings. The intramural athletic program at Volunteer State Community College provides an opportunity for students to experience a sense of community through structured competition.

The overall goals of the intramural athletic program are to provide facilities, funds and programs to encourage the voluntary participation of men and women at various levels of ability (e.g., beginner, intermediate and advanced) in structured activities which lead to a sense of community.


Equitable participation opportunities for men and women, and where appropriate; mixed competition activities shall be offered through the intramural athletic program. A variety of forms of tournaments shall be available, including elimination, challenge, league and meets.


The Athletic Director shall coordinate, schedule and publicize appropriate intramural activities based on the interests of students, faculty, staff and other relevant constituencies.

VSCC Source: Former III:02:03, August 1, 1989, President; November 29, 2007, President