IV:30:09 Juveniles on Campus


In recognition of the special relationship that exists between Volunteer State Community College and the academic community it seeks to serve, the administration is obligated to maintain a safe campus environment for all constituents. To accomplish that goal, this policy is established.


include anyone whose age is 17 years or younger.
includes any building/grounds/facilities where administrative, instructional or service activities of Volunteer State Community College are conducted.

Juveniles on Campus

Juveniles who are brought or invited to campus must remain in the custody of the adult person who brought or invited them to the campus. Employees should abstain from bringing juveniles except when approved by the employee's supervisor. Students should refrain from bringing juveniles except when approved by the appropriate faculty member. Both of these situations should be infrequent. In each circumstance, good judgment will be exercised to ensure that no College functions are disrupted or that the Juvenile's safety is at risk.

The College does not assume responsibility for unsupervised juveniles. The following actions are prohibited:

  • Leaving a juvenile(s) unattended;
  • Taking a juvenile(s) into a class lecture or laboratory; or
  • Asking a peer or an employee to attend to the juvenile(s) while on campus.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Juvenile (s) attending activities sponsored by the college (i.e. science fair, kids college, Christmas for the Kids, etc.);
  • Dual-enrollment Students; or
  • Prospective Athletes, or
  • High school students accessing the library.

Any person who brings or invites juveniles to campus must assume responsibility for the actions of the juveniles and must take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the juveniles while on campus. While attending college-sponsored activities, caution should be taken to guard juveniles from dangerous or harmful acts.

It shall be the responsibility of the VSCC Chief of Campus Police, Safety Officer or their designee to ensure that juveniles, while on campus, are under the supervision of an adult.

If juveniles are found to be without supervision on campus, the Office of the Campus Police shall be notified. The following action shall be taken when a Campus Police Officer is notified of an observance of an unattended juvenile on campus wandering or engaging in any activities that violate the VSCC policy IV:30:03 (i.e. skate boarding, horseplay, rollerblading, loitering, etc.)

The officer shall:

  1. Make contact with the juvenile (s) to obtain identification/information;
  2. Escort the juvenile(s) to Campus Police;
  3. Notify the parent(s) or relatives immediately through the Office of the Vice President for Student Services of the whereabouts of the juvenile(s);
  4. Advise the parent (s) of the VSCC policy;
  5. Document the incident by completing a Matter of Record report;
  6. Release the juvenile into the parent (s) custody;
  7. Advise the parent (s) of any illegal acts committed by juvenile (s) (i.e. vandalism, destruction of school property regarding restitution);
  8. Upon summation of acts/crimes committed, apply appropriate criminal charges if applicable.

VSCC Source: November 24, 2008, President's Cabinet; January 23, 2009, President's Cabinet.