IV:30:08 Animal Control


To establish a uniform procedure for animal control on Volunteer State Community College Campus/Property in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated and the City of Gallatin Animal Control Ordinances.


Volunteer State Community College has always been respectful of animals and nature. Therefore, it is the position of administration that animals, which enter upon campus, are not abused or injured in any manner.


For purposes of this policy:

includes any building/grounds/facilities where administrative, instructional or service activities of Volunteer State Community College are conducted.


All animals are prohibited from being brought on campus. The following exceptions apply.

  • Disability service animals (i.e. seeing eye dog)
  • Animals used for instructional purposes with department head approval.
  • Animals used for non-instructional purposes with campus police approval.

The Campus Police Department should be informed prior to any exception being exercised. All animals should be under control of the handler or owner at all times while on campus.


Aggressive, Vicious, or Rabid Animals

Upon receipt of a complaint or observance of any animal on campus that displays an aggressive, vicious, or rabid behavior, it shall be the responsibility of the Campus Police Department/Officer to take control of the animal and notify the Gallatin animal control officer.

  1. Any animal that has bitten a person, is suspected of biting a person, or is, for any reason, suspected of being infected with rabies, should be contained and animal control notified.
  2. When, because of an animal's viciousness or apparent infections with rabies, an animal at large cannot be safely impounded, it may be summarily destroyed by a Volunteer State Community College Campus Police Officer and animal control notified. * See the City of Gallatin's Animal Control Ordinances.

VSCC Source: November 24, 2008, President's Cabinet